i2i needs your financial support as we convene issue-focused and solution-oriented forums to address whole-person care and integrated services for citizens receiving MH/I-DD/SUD services. Together, we will work to ensure a positive public-system transformation that moves us toward quality, whole-person care.

i2i Center for Integrative Health is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Annual Donors

Annual donor levels are geared toward large organizations that want to support and be part of leadership activities to shape and improve integrated care in North Carolina’s public system.

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Individual Donors

Individual donor levels are for individuals and families dedicated to quality care for individuals receiving MH/I-DD/SUD services in the public system. Donations can be made in honor of an individual or loved one and this will be noted as part of your contribution.

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To donate online, please create an account. You can select one of our donor levels or enter any amount in the Other Amount: box. Every donation helps us with our work, and we appreciate you.

Marketing that Matters – Sponsorship, Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

i2i offers Marketing that Matters, your organization will be supporting initiatives in North Carolina to improve integrated, whole person care while simultaneous offering you access to marketing opportunities you need to succeed in the changing environment.

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