Value Based Payment and Care for the Healthcare Safety Net

For the next two years, i2i Center will be partnering with NC Community Health Center Association (NCCHCA) on a national grant from the Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net for its State Learning and Action Collaborative. The project’s focus is to expand value-based care practices and payment strategies for public safety net providers—both behavioral health and primary health—through state learning & action collaboratives, engaging with local stakeholders, and advancing policy.


In June, Mary Hooper and Ann Rodriguez attended a two-day kick-off program in Denver, CO along with our NCCHCA partners. The two-day event focused on:

  1. identifying opportunities for primary and behavioral health to work together at the state level;
  2. getting to know peers and identifying opportunities for shared learning across associations;
  3. input into Delta Center activities; and
  4. identify how grantee goals align with Delta Center goals and identify next steps to take prior to next convening.

i2i Center and NCCHCA meet on a regular basis and are discussing how each organization is currently connecting with members and partners to promote value-based purchasing and contracting. The organizations will be finalizing the goals of the grant program and working with a Delta Center coach to ensure the goals are aligned with the national expectations.

In 2019, grant activities will ramp up by bringing additional stakeholders into the information sharing and networking. A data analysis will be conducted to get a better sense of the consumers who are served through FQHC/CHCs and the LME/MCOs as well as the providers who serve them. This analysis will help identify those providers who can benefit from the initiative’s activities.

Lead Staff

Ann Rodriguez, MHA, Assistant Director

Mary Hooper, MSW, ACSW, Executive Director


Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net