Mary Hooper Consumer/Family Member Participation Fund

The i2i Center is committed to ensuring that the consumer/family and advocate perspective is included in policy development and legislative processes from early development to implementation.  This is the legacy of the i2i Center’s first Executive Director, Mary Hooper who retired December 31, 2020. 

Throughout her career, Mary has recognized the sacrifices that consumers and families make to be a part of policy and legislative meetings.  She has addressed the need for and benefit of consumer voice in discussions to ensure that recommendations and implementation are realistic and helpful to the people served.  But creating opportunities for consumer participation has many challenges, and people require financial support, which is where your help is needed.

The i2i Center is announcing the Mary Hooper Consumer/Family Member Participation Fund as a new i2i donation category, in honor of Mary’s work with i2i, to provide scholarships to consumers, family members and advocates. This initiative will support the inclusion of consumers in i2i’s collaborative initiatives, conferences and trainings.  We hope you will take the opportunity to support this important initiative. 

Donors will be recognized on i2i’s website and in a future News Brief.


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