Webinar 1: System of Care – covered engaging families, planning transitions for youth returning to school from out-of-home placements or transfers from other counties; and offered information and resources on how schools can engage with mental health providers.   The webinar provided SOC training for educators.  School support personnel and administrators had the opportunity to talk with local behavioral health providers and payers and address their students’ escalating behavioral health needs.

System of Care Webinar 1

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Webinar 2: Changes in Medicaid:  Standard Plans – offered training for educators on understanding recent changes to the Medicaid services affecting children with short term mental health needs and how to access care.    

Webinar 3:  Changes in Medicaid: Tailored Plans offered training for educators on understanding upcoming changes planned for Medicaid services that affect children with more complex and long term mental health care needs and how these services will be accessed.   

System of Care Voices

The webinar included personal stories from three behavioral health stakeholders that emphasize the importance of SOCs. These individual videos can be accessed by clicking below:

The PowerPoint we presented can be downloaded here.