Strengthening Connections Toolkit

A Toolkit Resource to Address Challenges and Produce Solutions


The concept behind the Strengthening Connections Toolkit is to provide all school systems in North Carolina with a process designed to strengthen connections with their behavioral health partners to better serve children, youth, and families. The process is designed to enhance current connections and mechanisms for education and community partnerships and is further designed to meet the school system and their behavioral health partners where they currently are in these partnerships.  This process can be used anytime there are challenges that may require new approaches and new partners.  Even though it is designed to be a short-term process, it can produce actions and systems that are long-term.  

The toolkit is a companion document to the Webinars and Resource Guide.  The toolkit takes you through the i2i Center for Integrative Health Collaborative Model and emphasizes valuing all perspectives to successfully address challenges. 

The toolkit includes:

  • Strategies for identifying challenges
  • The Collaborative design to produce solutions
  • Four topics addressed in the convenings that can be replicated or used as a template