School District Convenings

Strengthening Local Systems of Care

Twelve school districts across North Carolina were invited to participate in convenings with local behavioral health partners to implement, or strengthen, their local SOC. Districts invited to participate were chosen based on:

  • Preferences noted during a testing opt-in period in the fall of 2022
  • The need to have statewide representation
  • The need to engage communities with greater behavioral health challenges

i2i’s Role: Coordinate and Facilitate

i2i manages the steps before, during, and after each convening:

  • Planning – i2i holds planning sessions with school district staff to tailor the discussion to the issues that matter most and make sure the right organizations are at the table. i2i distributes invitations and manages follow-up communications with invitees.
  •  Execution – i2i develops discussion guides and facilitates the convening discussion. i2i’s staff takes notes and determines the important themes and potential actions from each convening.
  • Report – i2i creates a post-meeting action steps report, including specific recommended actions to continue building the school district’s SOC.