Resource Guide

A Resource Guide for School Systems and Behavioral Health Community Partners

Resource Guide

The i2i Center for Integrative Health team developed a Resource Guide that includes links and access information to key products developed to assist school systems and their behavioral health community partners in addressing the mental health needs of school children and their families.  The school system convenings focused on the System of Care national framework and the intersection between the framework and the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child principles.  The intersection recognizes the alignment of drivers between education and health and human services to serve children, youth and families.  The Resource Guide is developed to provide national and statewide materials and networks to support professionals that work with school-aged children. 

The Resource Guide is segmented into the following categories:

National Resources – System of Care and School Behavioral Health

Social- Emotional Learning, Resilience and Trauma

North Carolina Resources – System of Care and Partners

Family Resources

Student/Youth Resources