August 18, 2021

0i2i consumer participation program funds new learning opportunities

As a result of those who have given generously to i2i’s Mary Hooper Consumer and Family Member Participation Fund  i2i has been able to provide a number of scholarships to our Spring Conference as well was to the NC TIDES Spring event. 

Charlyne Boyette attended NC TIDES.  She wears many hats in the mental health system, but her full-time job is Director of Peer Led Initiatives at Promise Resource Network where she leads a 24/7 non-crisis peer support warm line (1-833-390-7728).  She serves as Chairperson of Peer Justice Initiative, an Olmstead Evaluator, and NCASPPB Certified Clinical Supervisor Intern through Healing Connections, LLC.   In providing feedback about her scholarship opportunity she told i2i, “the NC TIDES scholarship was a great blessing to me.  It was the first time I have had the privilege of attending NC TIDES conference.  The plenary sessions were especially enlightening. I learned a lot about the future of mental healthcare and really appreciated the emphasis on eliminating stigma, reaching historically marginalized communities, and addressing implicit biases.  The sessions by Deputy Secretary Victor Armstrong were inspiring as he talked about current policies and upcoming changes.  I appreciated his willingness to answer specific questions about his plans for expanding the use of peer specialists in supporting people with mental health challenges in the justice system .”

Three other scholarships were made available for the i2i Spring Conference, one individual relayed her experience saying, “the Spring Conference had VERY meaningful topics and I learned so much.  i2i’s offering a virtual conference experience is truly innovative and will encourage greater engagement and reach as more can join and learn no matter where they are in NC!!  You are ALL at the forefront of inclusion in providing both in-person and online opportunities to improve meaningful engagement throughout our system of care!!”