December 17, 2018

Trillium Health Resources Wins Technology Innovation Award for Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens (CHAT)

Pinehurst, NC (December 6, 2018). Trillium Health Resources in partnership with CHAT providers and Inflexxion were recognized with the 2018 Technology Innovation award. i2i’s Executive Director Mary Hooper explained, “The purpose of the Innovation Awards is to recognize innovation in services and programming to increase integrated, whole person approaches to care. This was the first year for the award program and the Innovative Technology award is focused on technologies that assist individuals with: care access, independence, self-care, self-determination or advocacy. The CHAT technology was a great fit
for this award.”

Trillium’s Advancing Technology priority is to utilize technology as a way to improve member outcomes and access to care. For this program, Trillium worked with several providers: Integrated Family Services, RHA, Access Family Services, Pride of NC, Dream Provider Care, Port Health and Coastal Horizons Center. In partnership with Inflexxion, the developers of Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens (CHAT), the providers utilize a self-administered, web-based interview that can be completed on a tablet, smartphone or computer as a way to reach adolescent members with substance use issues. Once the member completes the assessment, they meet with a therapist to finalize the assessment process. Trillium providers are able to build off of the electronic assessment to complete the comprehensive clinical assessment that is used for treatment planning.

Trillium piloted the CHAT in 2015 with three providers. Results showed a decrease in mental and substance use only diagnoses from 2014, while co-occurring diagnoses increased from 2.37% to 23.94% during the pilot. Research indicated that adolescents have a higher rate of self-disclosure using CHAT by allowing them to respond to questions while in a private setting and at their own pace. This allows adolescent members to address needs earlier on in the treatment
planning process.

Trillium providers have completed over 925 CHAT assessments since it was launched in 2016. The CHAT allows Trillium and its providers to capture these trends more rapidly. For example, 18% of CHAT users are seriously bullied or harassed in school compared with 7% of the national average. We also know that 33% of CHAT users have used Marijuana/THC. Being aware of ongoing trends allows Trillium and CHAT providers to strategically plan and prepare for the needs of adolescents. Learn more.

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