March 23, 2021

Transition of Care Further Explained

If you are a consumer or family member, perhaps the most important aspect of this transformation is assurances that moves between plans, providers and emergency services will not be disruptive.  The Transition of Care policy that NC DHHS has published covers the responsibilities of the Prepaid Health Plans (PHPs) in these circumstances:

There are two distinct phases of transition of care.  As the State moves to the Standard Plans on July 1 and Medicaid beneficiaries begin to be served under PHPs, that sets in motion the initial phase of crossover.  The second phase will be the ongoing transitional needs of Standard Plan members.  A key part of transition of care is the sharing of data such as authorization information and care plans.  There are several documents that are a part of the data guidance requirements. 

It is important to note that:

The i2i Center for Integrative Health 2021 virtual Spring Conference on June 14-15 will include several sessions related to Medicaid Transformation.  In fact, the closing plenary session will be an update from NC DHHS Deputy Secretary of Medicaid Dave Richard.