While it is obvious to individuals experiencing housing instability, only recently has the mainstream of our country begun to understand how absolutely critical stable housing is for the overall well-being of all individuals. It is one of the most important Social Determinants of Health. For people with complex needs, perhaps including severe mental illness or an intellectual-developmental disability, accessible housing might be the lynch pin to independence and thriving in the community. i2i Center recognizes the importance of housing and strives to bring this issue forward through statewide and local partnerships in order to ensure that housing is recognized as an integral component of an overall
approach to services and supports. Motivated by Federal actions including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Olmstead decision, and the more recent settlement with the US Department of Justice, the timing is right for North Carolina to improve housing availability for individuals with complex needs.

i2i Center brings together stakeholders with different perspectives to ONE NEUTRAL TABLE to develop common goals, to better understand each other’s roles and requirements in serving a specific population, to pool resources and develop recommendations that each stakeholder and i2i Center staff can take forward collectively to effect the legislative process, policy development and implementation and local processes. The i2i Center staff builds on many years of experience in behavioral health and I-DD services and recognizes that individuals with complex needs will benefit most from an approach that addresses the needs of the whole person.

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