Cross-System Collaboration

At the heart of the i2i Center for Integrative Health is a mission to foster stronger collaboration amongst health and human service agencies.  i2i Center is grounded in a belief that whole person care is not just coordination of physical, behavioral health and I-DD treatment services, but also strong collaboration with human services agencies such as social services, public health, public safety, education as well as a connection with each individual’s natural supports.  The vision for the Medicaid system is a catalyst for stronger cross-system collaboration and focus on individuals who are not qualified for Medicaid and uninsured is equally important. The i2i Center staff builds on many years of experience in behavioral health and I-DD services to know how important family, friends, community and each agency that touches an individual’s life is to that person achieving good outcomes in his or her treatment and helping that person to be productive and independent.

i2i Center brings together stakeholders with different perspectives to ONE NEUTRAL TABLE to develop common goals, to better understand each other’s roles and requirements in serving a specific population, pooling resources and developing recommendations that each stakeholder and i2i Center staff can take forward to effect the legislative process, policy development and implementation and local processes.


Our Goal is to Engage with: