August 18, 2021

Promise Resource Network (PRN) Opens Peer Run Respite Program in Charlotte

This month Promise Resource Network celebrated the opening of its new Peer Run Respite – Retreat@The Plaza a new trauma informed alternative to hospitals, emergency departments and involuntary commitment for people experiencing mental health crises in Charlotte.  

In the PRN press release, CEO Cherene Caraco said, “the demand for trauma-informed alternatives that enhance healing, resilience and recovery has become urgent. Hospitalization represents the most restrictive and costly approach to responding to people experiencing mental health crises. A peer-run respite is a free, voluntary, non-coercive, supportive, spiritually and creatively enriching alternative that costs approximately $111/day to operate in comparison to the average cost of $2,098/day for NC in-patient services (Henry K. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2017).”

PRN describes the program as, a homelike environment with 3 bedrooms for guests to stay up to 10 days. The peer-respite is staffed 24/7 by a team of people who themselves have survived suicide attempts, trauma, and mental health related crises, and are specially trained in trauma-informed peer support.  According to Program Director Darcy Quan, “Retreat@ The Plaza does not require insurance nor is there a cost to stay and all guests can choose to maintain their employment, school, family and social connections without disruption. This approach represents a significant shift in the way mental health crises are viewed and people experiencing them are understood and supported.”

You can learn more about PRN and this program at Promise Resource Network – Consult. Train. Support. Transform.