February 23, 2018

Open Minds Survey on Value Based Reimbursement

Open Minds recently released a Performance Management Executive Survey: Where Are We On the Road to Value? It was a national survey of specialty provider organizations on their experience with value-based reimbursement (VBR). The survey results revealed that VBR arrangements are increasing, but slowly.

Survey highlights:

The most common contractual arrangement between payers and providers are: follow up after hospitalization and emergency room usage and readmission rates. These are seen as basic performance measures by health plans.

The survey also asked executives of the provider organizations what they need to be successful in value-based contracting. They report a need forĀ 1) more and better data management and reporting for managing VBR contracts; 2) technology that supports VBR; and 3) management that has the talent to use the data to manage care.

The full survey results are available to Open Minds Circle readers. Learn more at https://www.openminds.com/