October 7, 2020

Medicaid Transformation Prep Ramping Up

Opportunities are being made available to stakeholders to prepare for the implementation of the Medicaid Standard Plan and Tribal Option.  Both plans are scheduled to go-live on July 1, 2021.  NC DHHS has held several feedback sessions with stakeholders to review their planned timeline for preparation.   In addition, a weekly webinar series for providers has been reinstated in October.  That series is produced by NC DHHS in partnership with NC AHEC and requires registration

The steps and roles are much the same as they were during the first attempt to go live but the dates have changed.  Other than noting the expected go-live of the BH/IDD Tailored Plan on July 1, 2022, this information is only related to the implementation of the Standard Plan.  It does not address the expected Request for Application (RFA) process that LME/MCOs will respond to as soon as late fall/early winter.  Here is the latest timeline on Standard Plan and Tribal Option implementation:

ActionImplementation Date
Public Website Go-LiveNovember 1, 2020
NC Provider and Health Plan Look-Up Go-LiveJanuary 1, 2021
Call Center Go-LiveMarch 1, 2021
Enrollment Broker begins mailing Enrollment PacketsMarch 1, 2021
Open Enrollment beginsMarch 15, 2021
Open Enrollment endsMay 14, 2021
Auto Enrollment beginsMay 15, 2021
Standard Plan and Tribal Option Go-LiveJuly 1, 2021
End of Choice PeriodSeptember 29, 2021