February 6, 2019

Medicaid Standard Plan RFP Summary Guide

Now that DHHS has announced the Medicaid Managed Care Pre-Paid Health Plan Providers (PHPs) for the Standard Plan, you may be looking for details on what is required of the PHPs and how the Standard Plan will affect Behavioral and I-DD services.  You are in luck, i2i Center staff have distilled down almost 500 pages of RFP jargon and text into the key topics areas of the RFP.  This is an easy to understand Medicaid Standard Plan RFP Guide for those interested in the NC Medicaid Transformation of behavioral and physical healthcare.

Sections Include:
Guide to the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Medicaid Standard Plan
Timeframes for Implementation
PHP Responsibilities in Care Management
Value-Based Payments/Alternative Payment Models
Excluded Populations
Payment and Reimbursement under the Standard Plan
Comparison of Standard Plan Regions and Current LME/MCO Catchment Areas

More information can be found on the NC DHHS Medicaid Transformation website.