August 17, 2020

Medicaid Managed Care Implementation Update

The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and Health Choice received some revealing updates on Medicaid managed care implementation from NC DHHS leaders Dave Richard, Deputy Secretary for NC Medicaid and Jay Ludlam, Assistant Secretary for Medicaid.  They provided insights into what the Department is working on right now for implementation. 

A number of key start dates were shared:

To that end, there are multiple tasks that NC DHHS is ramping up again that include:

Richard noted the difficulty in ramping up for Medicaid managed care at the same time that the NC DHHS continues its efforts to support the State through the pandemic.  Two points were made about this challenge:  1) uncertainty about provider’s prioritizing contracting; 2) complexity in project planning with rapid evolving conditions (e.g., staff illness, remote working).  In individual conversations with Department staff, there has been some indication that they will be reviewing information that has already been published to make any necessary amendments that address the current environment. 

The Joint Legislative Oversight Committees have geared up while the NC General Assembly is recessed.  The House Select Committee on COVID-19 is also meeting.  The NC General Assembly will return on September 2nd to address further COVID-19 issues and nominations for legislative committees.  They are not expected to be in session for an extended period of time.