April 30, 2019

0i2i partners with psychhub

i2i has become a partner with PsychHub, a free online platform providing engaging videos about mental health, substance use and suicide prevention.  The program was founded by Patrick J. Kennedy and Marjorie Morrison in 2018.   It is described as, “reimagining behavioral health and substance use education through intentional and thoughtful design. Our video offering is unlike other educational content you will see in behavioral health.  By combining clinical research and the art of storytelling, our videos provide engaging and credible mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention information that is accessible to everyone.”

The web content is meant to help individuals better understand their healthcare journey, from identifying symptoms to setting expectations for their providers during treatment.  The stories in the videos are brought to life through animation and effectively demonstrate the many faces of mental health and substance use disorders.

You can access the videos and resources of PsychHub through the i2i Center’s portal.  We think these are innovative and useful resource for Providers, Consumers, Advocates, managers and other to access as educational tools.  Take a look and let us know what you think of these free resources.