March 12, 2020

Growing Consumer-Operated Service Programs in North Carolina

The NC Division of MH/IDD/SAS has published a Request for Application for a Consumer-Operated Service Provider (COSP) to incubate two Peer Run Wellness Centers.  This would be done using federal Mental Health Block Grant funding.  A COSP is considered an evidence-based practice by the federal Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA). 

A COSP is an independent organization operated and governed by individuals in recovery and focused on peer support.  The purpose of this incubator initiative is to “cultivate a network of Consumer-Operated Services Programs across the State”.  

During the 2-year incubation time period, a sustainability plan will be developed for each Peer Run Wellness Center and training and technical assistance will be provided.  The Peer Run Wellness Center will be expected to meet established outcomes.  The goal is for the two Peer Run Wellness Centers to be capable of operating independently by the end of the second year of this initiative.

Applications are due May 1, 2020.