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2019 Conference and Exhibition

December 4 – 6

Over 900 participants joined us in 2018, so start making plans now to attend our 2019 conference!

December 5 – 7, 2018 – Visionary Voices

The plan is now clear and a date is set: November, 2019 – when North Carolina will begin implementation of managed, integrated care for the delivery of Medicaid healthcare services. For those with mild to moderate behavioral health needs, integration of care begins immediately. For those with the highest levels of MH/IDD/SUD needs, change will occur sometime after 2020 when Tailored Plans will integrate physical and behavioral healthcare utilizing the current public managed care system. If you have not begun to prepare, now is the time! Change will happen rapidly.

This year’s conference will offer attendees an opportunity to hear from state and national leaders on key issues that will prepare you to work with the incoming managed care organizations.

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