Medicaid Transformation

Medicaid Transformation

New RFI for Medicaid Managed Information System

September 19, 2018

Shifting from a MMIS to a MIMS will Upgrade State’s Managed Care Capacity In 2013 NC DHHS went live with NC TRACKS. NC TRACKS is a multi-payer Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) that merged separate information systems for Medicaid, Health Choice, and other programs such as State MH/IDD/SUD funding (known as IPRS, Integrated Payment and…

Medicaid Transformation

NC DHHS Puts More Meat on Medicaid Transformation Bones – Care Management/General

August 15, 2018

By all accounts, there is a lot going on in preparation for moving Medicaid physical healthcare to a managed care model. The General Assembly passed State Law 2018-48, which provided additional direction to NC DHHS on Medicaid Transformation and specifically allowed for the Standard Plan to include the mild-to-moderate behavioral health Medicaid population. NC DHHS…

Medicaid Transformation

Integrating Social Determinants of Health into Medicaid Transformation

April 23, 2018

Food insecurities, housing instability, unmet transportation needs and interpersonal violence all have an impact on a person’s health and well-being and ultimately will impact the cost and success of the health care they receive.  NC DHHS has outlined its plans to address social determinants of health (SDOH) within the new Medicaid program. The concept paper…

Medicaid Transformation

Vision for Long-Term Services and Supports – LTSS and Ombudsman Program

Long term services and supports will be part of Medicaid Transformation.  This is an area of concern for many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as these services and supports are many times required for a lifetime.   NC DHHS has published a concept paper entitled North Carolina’s Vision for Long-term Services and Supports under…

Medicaid Transformation

Quality and Performance – Holding PHPs Accountable in Medicaid

A key question is answered by the draft NC DHHS Quality Strategy and concept paper – how will Prepaid Health Plans (PHPs) be held accountable in the Medicaid/Health Choice managed care structure for quality services?  Accountability will be related to performance measures that will also impact providers, and PHPs will have to work in partnership…

Medicaid Transformation

Beneficiaries and Care Management Focus of Recent DHHS Concept Papers

April 6, 2018

Two new concept papers published by NC DHHS provide a little more “meat on the bones” of the NC Medicaid Transformation Plan. All of the concept papers build upon each other and the concepts are proposals with feedback welcomed. These most recent papers are published with a March 31 turnaround time for feedback. Beneficiaries and…

Medicaid Transformation

NC DHHS Moving Quickly and Adding Detail to Medicaid Transformation Plan

March 14, 2018

NC DHHS has been publishing concept papers since last summer to provide information on specific areas of Medicaid Transformation. The Medicaid Transformation website now separates out concept papers, RFPs, the waiver amendment, application, etc. It is important to note that concept papers are point-in-time proposals by NC DHHS and include comment periods. The waiver amendment and…

Medicaid Transformation

Proposed MH/SA Access to Care Criteria Sets a Higher Standard

March 11, 2018

NC DHHS recently posted its latest Medicaid Transformation concept paper focused on the Standard Plan access to care and network adequacy standards. The paper does not outline standards for the Tailored Plan. The difference between the current access to care standards under the Medicaid (b)(c) waiver and the proposed requirements under the Standard Plan are…