March 23, 2021

BH/IDD Tailored Plan Care Management a Work in Progress

The care management function under the BH/IDD Tailored Plan (Tailored Plan) appears to be evolving.  The care management function under the Standard Plan and BH/IDD Tailored Plan have significant differences in requirements based on the needs of the members of these plans.  An initial difference is that an Advanced Medical Home under the Standard Plan requires an attestation to NC DHHS that the practice meets the requirements.  To be a care manager under the BH/IDD Tailored Plan, an agency must be certified by NC DHHS to meet the requirements as an Advanced Medical Home Plus (AMH+) or Care Management Agency (CMA).  NC DHHS is now providing more information about the Tailored Plan care management role and has extended the Round 1 application deadline from March 1, 2021 to June 1, 2021. 

Most recently NC DHHS has published an addendum to the Tailored Care Management Provider Manual around Community Inclusion and specifically in-reach and transition services.  In-reach and transition services have been a part of the Transition to Community Living Initiative provides eligible adults living with serious mental illnesses the opportunity to choose where they live, work and engage in their community. 

In December a NC DHHS webinar included in-depth information regarding the State expectations for care management under the Tailored Plan, including:

NC DHHS has a webpage for more information about Tailored Care Management.