February 10, 2020

Access the Vote – an Initiative of Disability Rights NC

Access the Vote NC

North Carolina’s primary election is March 3, 2020!

North Carolina will soon be voting in the primary election, where candidates compete against other candidates in their own political party. The primary election is the first step in winning an election. The candidate that wins the primary election will compete in the general election.

In the general election, candidates compete against the candidates in other political parties. Registered voters have the opportunity to select a political party. Voters who chose a party will receive that party’s primary ballot. Voters who did not choose a party, sometimes called “unaffiliated” voters, may choose which party’s primary ballot they want.

To help you make informed decisions about the candidates, Disability Rights NC has created the NC Primary Guide 2020 to offer a fully accessible option for evaluating candidates in the North Carolina 2020 Primary Election.  Disability Rights North Carolina asked all candidates in every primary race a selection of disability-focused questions, specific to each office.