Parking – Conference & Hotel

Whether staying overnight or coming in for the day, please use the parking deck at 6th and Cherry Street a half block past the Embassy Suites and Marriott hotels (ACROSS from the Benton Center on the right side, see map below).  This deck has 3rd floor skywalk connected to the main floor of the Benton Convention Center.  The skywalk is disability accessible.  Parking rates are as follows:  $1 per hour or maximum of $9 all day or for overnight. 

The Marriott does offers valet parking. Rates:  $18 for up to 4 hours, $20 4-8 hours and $28 for overnight parking. 

Please pull up to the hotels, drop off your luggage, check in, then park your car. 

There is a 2nd parking deck on Cherry Street in front of the Embassy Suites approximately 1 block from the Benton Convention Center, the LAZ parking deck.  Their PARKING RATES are DOUBLE that of the 6th and Cherry Street deck with no skywalk access to the Benton Convention Center.

Street Map/Parking

Parking – Conference & Hotel